Tuesday, 25 April 2017 13:42

Geek of the Week: Follow - Drive Together

With the summer road trip season upon us, there's nothing worse than being in a long caravan of cars and either trying to keep up with a speed demon or having to pull over and wait because someone got stuck at a red light.

Introducing Follow: Drive Together. This free app is downloaded by everyone in the group and overlays your position on the map while you drive. If your GPS directions say “take Interstate 79 South”, but the leader stays on 76 East, you'll see it and be able to stay on course. Likewise, if you're the line-leader and someone in the middle of the pack stops for gas, you'll know they'll be able to catch up.

The app is free for Android and iPhone.

**probably best to let the co-pilot to handle this, instead of the driver.

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