Wednesday, 09 August 2017 05:29

Geek of the Week: myHomework Student Planner

As the kids are getting ready to head back to school, it won't be long before we start pestering our kids if they got their homework done. This app helps students keep track of their assignments. They input their schedule at the beginning of the year and add assignments as they come due. At a glance they can see what is due, when its due, and which assignments are late. Students can even link to their teacher's online assignment they don't have to remember to write down the homework or make a note of test days. The app is free for iOS, Android, and you can get a Google Chrome browser extension, but it requires signing up for an account so information can be synced across multiple devices. There is also a paid version that, as far as I can tell, mostly allows you to download and install different themes.

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