Tuesday, 22 May 2018 08:03

Geek of the Week: Eyealert

Students at Rocky River High School have developed an app that can help in an active shooter situation. The app uses crowed sourced information to track the shooter in real time.

The idea: Every student and teacher have the app on their phone. When there is an active shooter situation, they open the app and it tracks their location in real time. If they see the shooter they press on the screen and their name pops up, like a location on a Google Map, and says [for instance] “Dan Deely just saw the shooter here”.

Every time someone presses the screen, it plots a point on the school map. Not only does it show you where the shooter is, it shows where he's been, and gives you an idea where he's going. Letting students and teachers know whether to hunker-in-place, or its okay to run.

They're still testing the app, so it isn't widely available yet.

But in some of their drills, the school says they've had half the student body out of the building BEFORE there was an “active shooter” announcement over the PA system.


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