Tuesday, 26 June 2018 10:57

Geek of the Week: Taking Pictures of Fireworks - with your phone

Next week is the Fourth of July, and there will be fireworks shows all over Northeast Ohio for the next week-or-so. If you're thinking of taking pictures with your phone, here are a couple ideas to give you an advantage:

First, use a tripod. Either buy a stand, specially made for your phone, or make one (plenty of ideas for DIY phone tripods are just a Google search away).

Second, lower your shutter speed. Many Android phones have either “low light” or “fireworks” mode built in (go to camera's settings). If you have an iPhone, you may have to download an app to override the camera's “automatic” settings (“Slow Shutter”, and “Litely” work well).

For added camera steadiness, some phones allow voice-activated picture taking so you don't bump the phone when you press the screen to snap a pic.

Other ideas include using “Burst Mode”. Several phones will let you press the screen once, but will snap several shots at once and composite them into the best version.  You could also try taking a time-lapse picture (will absolutely need a tripod)...or a video. Good luck!

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