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Tuesday, 12 December 2017 10:47

Geek of the Week: Traffic Cam Viewer

This app puts live highway traffic camera feeds from around the world in the palm of your hand, ready at a glance. Traffic map apps can only tell you so much. Want to get a look at an accident? Want to see how bad the snow is on 271 or whether you should take the Shoreway? This app has the information that you need. Its free for Android and iPhone, but there are ads and in-app purchases (free version only allows you to have 6 saved cameras).

Tuesday, 05 December 2017 10:27

Geek of the Week: USPS Mobile

With the holiday shopping season also comes the holiday shipping season. Download the free official app of the US Postal Service to help you keep track of what's going and coming.

Track a package, calculate postage, purchase stamps and send shipping labels directly to your printer. You can also look up zipcodes, schedule a pick-up, or hold your mail when you're out of town, and the Post Office's “Informed Delivery” service is fully integrated in the app.

The app is free for iPhone and Android.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017 13:15

Geek of the Week: Honey is a website grabs all the coupons from around the internet and puts them in one, easy to digest, place. No matter what you want to buy, odds are, there's an online coupon for it.

Honey also has browser add-ons that will automatically apply the best available coupons to your purchase when you check out...even on Amazon. and never pay full price again.

** as a promotion for the web site, competitive eater, Matt Stonie, drank two 1½ pound bottles of honey in four minutes. (that's 4,000 calories & 1,000 grams of carbs).  Watch the video here.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017 12:00

Geek of the Week: SickWeather

Know who's sick in your neighborhood, and know what's “going around” with this real-time map of illness. Its crowdsourced outbreak information! The SickWeather app lets you know when there's a chicken pox outbreak near you, or how many people have the flu in your office building, and it'll give you the heads up that pinkeye might be going around school...maybe before the school knows.

And you can add to the information. When you don't feel well, or your kids are sick, make sure to enter it into the app so others know to steer clear.

SickWeather is free for iPhone and Android devices.

Or check the map anytime on the web site:

Tuesday, 07 November 2017 13:28

Geek of the Week: Amazon AR

The latest update to the Amazon app has Augmented Reality functionality built you can see how furniture will look in your living room before you buy it; or how a shirt will look on you. IKEA launched something similar last month.

Like the popular Pokemon go game, the app superimposes an image of the item over the image seen by your phone's camera. Point the lens in the dining room to see how the table will look with your wallpaper, or see how that comforter might look on your bed.

If you don't already have the Amazon can download it for free on all devices.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017 11:47

Geek of the Week:

Election day is next week, and if you're still confused on who's running for what, who are the other candidates in that race, and what the heck is the straight dope on Issue 2?

You're in luck!

Show up to the poll informed.  Go to

Its all there.  Polling station information, races, candidates and their platforms, and you can read up on the referendums on the ballot!  

Instead of spending time rush-reading through the issues at the polls, take your time to read and understand who and what you'll be voting for.

You can also register to vote on the site, but its a little too late for that today.

Everything you need to know before you vote is available at

Tuesday, 24 October 2017 10:56

Geek of the Week: Mobile App

Since Dan Deely is in Las Vegas this week, we thought we'd share an app he, no doubt, uses when planning his trips to the strip.

In Las Vegas, they know that the fun isn't just happening “now”, it's happening “next”. The web site and this mobile version app gives you insider information about what's happening around town.

Book tickets to shows, find off-the-beaten-path fun, locate the best meals or drink deals in town, and, since its on your phone, it can tell you the most important information of all: Where's the closest public restroom.

Vegas trip planning at your fingertips with the mobile app. Free on Android and iPhone.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017 13:46

Geek of the Week: Tunity

Ever been at a party, at a bar, at a restaurant, or the gym, and you really want to hear what's on TV, but you just can't because everyone around you is being too loud? You need this app. Now!

Open the app, aim it at the TV. The app scans the image on the screen, then searches the net to figure out what you're watching...and streams the audio directly to your phone (or bluetooth speaker)!

The app is free for iPhone and Android.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017 11:59

Geek of the Week - Reverse Dictionary

Ever been writing an email, or Facebook post, or essay and had the perfect word right on the tip of your tongue...but you can't think what it is? You know how to describe the word (small, green fruit...millennials love them...Subway had a whole campaign around them a year or so ago...used in guaccamoli) but the word just won't come to you!

Introducing Reverse Dictionary!

A free app that let's you enter a definition, and it spits out a list of possible words to solve your writers block.

AND, if you're a crossword puzzler, use this app to help with 35 Down, “a 7 letter word for Mexican fruit” AV*C*DO.

Reverse dictionary is free on GooglePlay.

Tuesday, 03 October 2017 13:55

Geek of the Week - Toilet Time

As disgusting as we all say it is...many of us have used our phones while we're in the bathroom. Whether its to answer a text or email, take a call, browse social media, or sweep those mines...the bathroom is one of the most popular places we use our phones.

TappsGames has come out with Toilet Time. A collection of mini games to pass the time while you're indisposed. Note: All games have a bathroom theme to them, and may be disturbing or deemed inappropriate to some. That said...the kids will love it.

Games include sorting the line of people into men's room and lady's room visitors, connect the pipes to prevent a clog, erase the graphitti from the restroom wall, set the shower temperature for ultimate comfort...things like that.

Toilet Time is free in the AppStore and on GooglePlay.

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